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# TTL7-v2

  Tronix Tech Level #7  

Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair Techniques
"Electronics for Robotics Series"
(includes #SM701-V2 Student Manual, #AMFM-TT Troubleshooting Trainer, #L7-EXP1,2,3,4,5,6 Experiment Parts for Troubleshooting)
(2 or more $186.90)

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In Tech Level 7, students use an AM-FM Radio to learn troubleshooting techniques.

Using the stages of a transistorized AM receiver, they inject signals and trace those using multi-meters and the oscilloscope.

Faults can be inserted into the radio circuit to give students more troubleshooting practice.

After completing this level, students are ready for a career in the 'real world' of electronics troubleshooting. This Tech Level comes with an 8 ˝ x 11, fully illustrated, Student Manual 231 pages.

This course comes with the following:

  • Student Training Manual #SM701 "Electronic Troubleshooting and Repair"
  • Trouble Shooting Trainer #AMFM-TT
  • Experiment Parts #L7-1,2,3,4,5,6

    Electronic Test - Equipment Required but not provided
    Analog Multimeter (from Course 3)
    Digital Multimeter(from Course #6)
    Function Generator(model E-FG500K or similar)
    RF Generator(E-SG-9500 or similar)
    Dual-Trace Oscilloscope(E-S-1325 or similar)

    Click here to see full board layout

    Click here to see full board layout

    Lesson#Lesson NameReadingExperiment LabWorksheetInteractive Quiz
    Lesson#01Transistor Amplifier Theory Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#02Dynamic & Static Analysis Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#03Dynamic Analysis of the PreAmp Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#04Dynamic Analysis of the PowerAmp Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#05Dynamic Analysis of the Comp-Pair Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#06Frequency Response of the Audio Amp Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#07RF Theory and Modulation Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#08Superheterodyne Theory Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#09Static Analysis of the 2nd IF Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#10Frequency Response of the 2nd IF Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#11Analysis of the 1st IF Stage Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#12Alignment of the IF Transformer Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#13RF/Amplifier Converter Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#14Static Analysis of the Local Oscillator Yes Yes No Yes
    Lesson#15Troubleshooting the System Yes Yes No Yes

    For Home Study students, in order to receive your beautiful full-color “Technician Tech Level Certificate” for this Level, send in your filled out Student Manual, it will be graded and returned to you.

    Include $25 for the shipping and handling and send to:

    Attn:Tech Level Dept.
    GSS Tech Ed, Inc.
    31500 Grape St. Bldg 3-364
    Lake Elsinore, CA 92532